Saturday, July 25, 2009

moving on

oyeah i forgot to tell u.
i moved to tumblr.
here's d link

feel free to read


Friday, July 17, 2009

uk hre i come

hye blog!
hye ppl!

i miss dz blog. very very. i cant recall the last time i've updated my blog. sory ppl. so lazyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy. ok currently im in england. pergh. not so fun cz i hv dz bloody fever & flu & cough. sial. & ada period ndahh! wattahh?? maka udah ri ya. ya srh ku mns. perghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. tqq mummy & daddy & abg azid fr taking care of me. heee

tdy is my bro's graduation. but sadly i will nt hv the chance to see it cz i hv no tickets. wuu :( sooo i hv to wait outside buat bdo lak. aiyoo. tmrw g fruit picking. then the day aftr pg london gik. dz timke i will mke sure i buy smethgggg! ystrdy we went to southampton shppg centre & we ended up buying ntg. aiyo. i wn to buy dz GAP slippers bt im so lazy to get back to that store. my feet wre killing me man. aftr jln2 kt shppg centre, we wlkd to ASDA, kedak kedai choice sprmall lah. we bought lotsa stuffs there esp foods. looks like my prnts love to spend their money on foods rather than clothes or etc. =.= i bought 2 story books. kimen asa mok beli smua buku ctokk! its cheap bahh. buku new moon ctok arnd 4 pounds jak whch is equal to rm24 or less. whoaa.

ok lah i gtg. my palak pening gik. dang it.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

back :D

im baackkk. its good to be back :) on my kedah-KLIA flight, i dnt have seat. yes its fun. double seating. pergh MAS, pls keep ur good reputation, guys. i knw u know i love u guys way bttr than airasia. how many times so far dd the pessengers get this freaking double seating prob? go & fix ur computaring system. luckily i got a seat which is not far away frm my mum's. bt i ws hoping that i'll get a first class seat though. waha

ohyea, on my last post i totally forgot abt KRIS ALLEN. whoa im sorry kris. :p currently, im updating my fs. its been awhile. tdy i went to my cuz's hse to check up my cuz's condition aftr this ovary sth2 operation & to see my cute lil niece. she'd grown so fast. :) her nme is iris jasmine which is not cliche like other names eg fatimah, ainie[waha sory ainie], alya o sth like that laa. i like iris jasmine, its a nice name.

dad & mum is having a lil chit chat abt dz guy hu envy my dad threatening bla3. no nid to elaborate. sggh rancak mreka brcerita. im just listening :)

ciao for now


Friday, June 12, 2009

too much to ssy

yes he's cute & he's my boyfy :) well, forget abt kibum for awhile :p since there r so manyyyyy hot & cute guys out there, i wan to list out my top 10 :D

  1. kim ki bum
  2. max thieriot
  3. taylor lautner
  4. channing tatum
  5. robert pattinson
  6. john lloyd cruz
  7. ryu artit[wai rai high sch]
  8. dan[wai rai high sch]
  9. nick jonas
  10. bae yong joon

i probably wil put on some oder guys on this list later on :D

ok tdy i will fly back home to kch. oyeah baybeh. insyaAllah, i will arrive at KIA at abt 1 am. yes its very late but to anyone who wants to welcome me back home i am very delighted. hahaha as if ada. for sure i will be exhausted the next day but wth cares? i wan to go to spring o paxon o watever la to do some shopping. i am not satisfied with my shopping trip hre. very very.

its 10.12 am & i hve abt 3 hours left in perlis. ohyea i havent done my KGT yet. wahahahahahahaha seriously i cannot sit back & relax until i finish them. & im scared to know my exam results. i bet its not as good as other exams i've been through however i'm still hoping like crazy that my exam results will be just fine. oh pls pls pls pls pls 5A. :( & oh IF i get bad results dont bother if i cried like hell in the toilet o anywhere. yeah i did that everytime im not satisfied. im a sensetive person u knw. :p

just now my cuz & i washed my aunty's car. it ws so dirty. very very. haha. i cant see dat so much stain so i wash it all. i just cant. actualy i just have to wash the window but bak kata pepatah, alang2 mengaut pekasam biar sampai ke pangkal lengan[izit rite?] oh yea my girls[if u guys r reading], i bought sth for u guys. well its not that much but at least i did. :p

oyeah i just have to write this. wahaha. manchester united u guys r very stupid for letting go christiano ronaldo. this thing despite what ronaldo said not long ago which sounds probably like this "i will not move from MU. well atleast for another season" but i dont blame ronaldo cz who doesnt want to take dat 80 mil euro[am i right?] offer. but i bet MU will be down next season, who knows? bad news for MU, good news for liverpool. oyeah baybeh. :D however i must say that MU is very valiant for letting him go.

i think i gtg. i hve to eat then do some packing bla blah blahh. sory for the long speeh tdy waha



Thursday, June 11, 2009

blah blah

help me to get out from dz boredom pls. pergh. ok. tdy i went to alor setar to do some shppg. bt im not in a gd mood & tdy's shppg is not dat fun. & i ddnt buy any freaking shoes o sweater o colourful bags o body glove tee dat i wanted. i am so frustrated. blahhblahhh. but atleast i bought some kain[idk how to say it in eng haha lame] to make bju kurung. i love d one wif colourful flowers, very cute i must say. waha. & i oso bought [technically my mum bought] dz old looking kain, ok i prefer to call it vintage. ahaha. act dz yr i wntd to wear a white bju krg but considering dat it ws very very hard to find so instead i bought lah dat one. its a last minute choice so pls lah if u see me wearing dat bju krg someday, give a + comments. aha.

tomorow is fri. d next day is sat. im going back to kch on dat day. hurray. i wan to drag my prnts to go shppg wf me on sunday. mak promised to buy many thgs wen we arrived at kch. so mum, u must fulfill ur janji2 manis. :)) mak pun devastated tdy. she couldnt buy her sachs shoes & tote bag & jeans at alor setar as we dont have enuf time. yeah2. im so moody tdy. stupid period

now i'm alone at home wif grandma. evryone ws going to tok teh house cz thy held a kenduri tonite. well, i'm as lazy as sloth so idw to go to d kenduri. i hve no appetite but my grandma force me to eat just now. so i just eat lah. whoa baiklah tok som! i think i hve to go. but before dat. .

yes i wan ALL this. waha greedy me ;p

ciao for now


Wednesday, June 10, 2009


its hola. yeah2. its kinda boring? i envy u guys, girls. i wn to go to puri. so frustrating to deal d fact dat i couldnt go wf u guys uwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. yea ok.. i hv so mny thgs to tel until idk wer to start. yes lets start with not tlkg abt it :) im nt in d mood to tell it ol in one day. crazyyyy.

i wn to back to kuching. i miss u guys like hell. i read asfa & ainie's tumblr & im cursing realizing dat so many thgs i hd missd during dz hols. uwaaa. & i been thinking of having a tumblr. sounds fun. yeah asfa u're right.

txting ainie right nw & she ws tlkg abt hr 'daily routine' probs. yeah as usual

well, lazy mode.

Thursday, May 28, 2009


first of ol

i juz wna tel u dat



i am so frust to deal d fact dat all sriously ALL of my exm ppr hv stupid mistakes. smua eh! i feel like i wn to nyumpah2 nw. *jz nyumpah lm hti* WTF? PHL GIA? BDO NA? PHL EXM KLI TOK LOI? Y? CN SMEONE PLS TELL ME Y? AH. STUPIDO.
thinking abt my rsults is torturinngggggggggggggggggg. ah hel hel hel hel. i must scre d nx gp. compulsary. ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh bullshit.

enuf abt exm
aiza, sory esk jk kmk engkh gmba ya k?